The Key To Writing Affiliate Marketing Articles


are a lot of methods to driving targeted traffic to websites. One commonly

overlooked method for getting free traffic to websites is writing affiliate

marketing articles. Unfortunately, this is even more true for affiliate

marketers who are trying to siphon traffic to their sites.

In this article, I am going to give you a brief outline for writing

affiliate marketing articles. This will put you head and shoulders over your

competition that will post affiliate marketing articles without caring about

how they are written.   1. Don’t try to write the perfect

affiliate marketing article. Frequently, when writing affiliate marketing

articles, people tend to “overthink” the article writing process and think

they are writing Shakespeare or are rivaling Stephen King. Thankfully, you

don’t have to have a Masters degree in English to write excellent affiliate

marketing articles. All you need to do is write in an interesting way that

conveys the information.   2. Make sure your keywords are

placed in the affiliate marketing article frequently. Ideally, when writing

affiliate marketing articles, you’ll want to sprinkle your target keyword

into the article. The ideal place for inserting your target keyword is the

headline, the first paragraph of your article, and the last paragraph. Be

careful not to “keyword stuff” your articles— the search engines can pick

up on that really quickly and penalize you in short order.   3. Make sure you have a call to

action in your affiliate marketing article. AT the end of the article, you

want to have a call to action that refers them to a website for more information.

Ideally, you want this to be the “money site” or the affiliate site where the

person can buy the product.   4. Make your affiliate marketing

article informative. You must make sure that your affiliate marketing article

makes the reader feel good that they read it. They must learn something or

feel like your affiliate marketing article was worthwhile if you want them to

check on your “call to action button:” to your affiliate page. If you just

have an article the wastes the reader’s time, they are not going to request

further information from you.   5. Make sure you are not too

“salesy” in your article. When writing affiliate marketing articles, you don’t

want to write a sales-letter. Articles are supposed to be a “soft sell” that

nudges them toward a buying decision. Be sure to remove “salesy” language

such as “ground-breaking,”breakthrough,” and “cutting edge.” Also remove the

pronoun “You” so it looks like it is informing a wide audience—and not a

sales letter that speaks directly to a single person.

Writing affiliate marketing articles also gives you a perfect change to get

free traffic to you’re website. Why is that? Since you are usually getting a

percentage of total sales (around 50% for most information products) it

limits how much you can spend on common advertising methods such as

pay-per-click and banner advertising. Writing affiliate marketing articles

that subtly promote your affiliate product or service can reap huge dividends

for your affiliate marketing efforts.

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