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My aim in this article is to provide meaning full information to help newbies or struggling affiliate marketers. I am going to give you a brief overview of the stuff that you need to do to become a successful affiliate.

There is stack of money to be made through affiliate marketing, and on some affiliate programs, the affiliates are genuinely collecting more money through commission then the merchant is making overall through the sale.

Initially I need to make sure you understand affiliate marketing:

The term SOPS is regularly used to explain affiliate marketing because is sums it up better then any article, “selling other peoples stuff”. The Merchant allows people that own websites to become an affiliate if they confirm the site they own as suitable to further their sales. On acceptance from the merchant you will be given a link to the merchants Webpage, you must use this URL to send all possible traffic so that if one of these people buys something, you will be accredited with the commission. There are many different variations of affiliates, to name a few Amazon (for selling things like physical goods), Clickbank (for selling electronic guides or software), Dating websites (for selling website memberships) there are a lot more and you need to find the one that suits your website. I personally believe the best way to make cash from affiliate marketing is from advertising digital products through Clickbank, this is because the commission level is so much bigger than other programs. The key to being able to supply a good commission is to have as little overheads as possible, because Clickbank specialise in digital products they don’t have the overheads other merchants may have to deal with.

The affiliate (you) is really just doing the advertising for the merchant, with the merchant paying a certain amount for each sale made, the more affiliates per product, the more chance of a sale.
If there are 20 affiliates advertising 1 product you can bet that they are all doing something different to increase the advertising of their affiliate link therefore making the merchant 20 times more likely to make a sale.

I often hear the question, Do I need to pay anything before I can get this under way?

It can cost absolutely nothing if you simply use WordPress, this is very limiting because you can not always do things needed to explode your income. You are definitely more likely to make more sales if you decide to purchase a domain, you don’t necessarily need to know about websites because you could just install WordPress.Having your own domain makes your website look a bit more professional and not one that has just been quickly thrown together for as little cost as possible, Google tends to rank .Com domains much better then a normal website. The .com domain URL’s normally cost about $10, there are various places you can buy a domain from but I personally use GoDaddy

After you buy a domain you have to look in to acquiring some hosting, you have to buy some web space (hosting) so that your website can be viewed by the Internet users.I tend to use “HostGator” their pricing is extremely reasonable ranging from roughly $5 p/m (not a great deal for the return in affiliate marketing you could be making).

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